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Drive In Hindi 720p

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646f9e108c A drama about various people competing in an illegal cross-country road race.
"Drive" is a new thrilling action show about people who are forced to take part in an illegal cross country race! If they win the race they will receive 32 million dollars! (Maybe????) From the start you will be sucked in this show! The people who have organized this race have picked out different characters for a reason! In a very fast pace you will get to know them and what compels them to do the race! For example (Nathan Fillion) Alex Tully's wife has been kidnapped by this mystery group responsible for the race and now he will do everything to get his wife back! And you've got a Wendy Patrakas ( Melanie Lynskey) who's baby is taken and also seems to be running away from an abusing husband! They are only two of many! All these different characters will get assignments and encounter each other on the way! Maybe they will help each other or they will do anything to stop each other! After seeing two episodes a lot can and will happen!The mix of action,humor and drama is excellent! I really want to find out what this is all about! Who is behind the race? Who is running the show? I hope that they will maintain this level of suspense and drama! So far so good!
I admit, I&#39;m not a usual TV viewer. My TV is for my PS2, X-Box, and a large DVD collection. I don&#39;t have cable, and only regularly watch The Simpsons on TV.<br/><br/>I only saw 2 ads for Drive, and had no interest in the show from them. It just didn&#39;t look interesting, though I hoped it would keep giving Nathan Fillion work, he&#39;s the kind of actor who just makes things better by being in them. Then I had to visit my family and ended up watching the Sunday premier. And I was hooked from the beginning.<br/><br/>It&#39;s not a highly realistic show. And the jokes about the mountains in Florida are easy, but I wanted to watch more. I wanted to know more about the characters, their motivations, and how the race was progressing. In short, I became a fan. Everyone I showed the show to has also become a fan, watched every episode, and wants more. It&#39;s the only new show I&#39;ve really had any interest in this season, and I only saw it by accident (I think this may have more to say about the marketing department on FOX.) This is my kind of &quot;mindless&quot; entertainment, a show with tons of stuff to follow and keep track of, but a plot that is a little unbelievable in itself.<br/><br/>New part of the comment! Since writing this the show has been pulled. Sad. Most fans like to compare it to the treatment Fox gave Firefly. Fox seems determined to build on this rumor by holding the final episodes to show 3 months after it&#39;s cancellation, on the 4TH OF JULY, from 8 to 10 PM. In short, it&#39;s a throw away time where no one will be watching. I think FOX badly misplayed this hand, and took what could have been a OK show in the ratings into a loss.<br/><br/>This show was not as good as Firefly, I&#39;ll say that. But I really liked this show. They did both suffered the same basic treatment from Fox. The ad campaign failed to create much interest in the show, with many people who watch it later saying they had no idea what it was about. About 10 minutes after the premier wasn&#39;t the best show of the night they began to prepare for the pull. Also the very short time before moving the show to a time even fans would have a problem following.<br/><br/>Sad but true, shows like Drive, Firefly, and others like them are expensive to make compared to Game Shows, Reality shows, and 3 camera Comedies.<br/><br/>Also to those who haven&#39;t seen it yet. Go to www.Fox.com and check the Drive page, you can see all 4 episodes there!

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