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Martini Ranch: Reach Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080p

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a5c7b9f00b An outlaw biker (Paxton), having recently robbed a train depot, arrives in the post-apocalyptic boom town of Martini Ranch. He parties with his crew (Reinhold, Cort, Pasdar, Reiser, Hendricksen, etc.) and enjoys the charms of a local girl (Louise Paxton). Meanwhile, close on his trail is a posse of female bounty Hunters (led by Bigelow). They capture Paxton, hog-tie him and brand him, while hanging one of his cohorts (Todd). Paxton escapes, rounds up his crew and confronts the cowgirls in the street. After being deserted by his crew, Paxton shoots it out with the women alone, but is hopelessly outnumbered.
Music video for Bil Paxton's band Martini Ranch where an outlaw biker arrives at a rough small western town to visit his gal in the local brothel. What he doesn't know is that an all-female posse of bounty hunters is coming for him.
"Martini Ranch: Reach" is a 7.5-minute music video from 1988, so this one will have its 30th anniversary next year. The band mentioned in the title has recently deceased actor Bill Paxton in it, which is probably why they got James Cameron to direct this mix of western, comedy and music of course. And Cameron's inclusion also results in Kathryn Bigelow's inclusionthe first female Oscar-winning director plays a cowgirl in here. Other known names include Lance Henriksen, Judge Reinhold and Bud Cort, maybe some more for American film buffs. But sadly the quantity of known names being credited here is the only reason why this fairly long music video is still known today. Neither the music nor the action or story are remotely interesting I would say, quite a pity. I guess singing was not one of Mr. Paxton's strengths. Nonetheless the people in here seem like they are having quite a fun time. The same can certainly not be said about those watching and listening to this little movie. I suggest you skip it unless you are a Cameron completionist. His weakest career effort perhaps.
This is a really music video directed by James Cameron (Aliens, Titanic, Avatar etc)for the band Martini Ranch. The video takes place in a post apocalyptic alternative cowboy setting where actor Bill Paxton plays an outlaw chased by a group of female bounty hunters.<br/><br/>The group leader of these bounty leaders is no other then director Kathryn Bigelow(Near Dark, Strange Days, Hurtlocker etc)who was married to Cameron at this time. The video is full of cameos by some well known actors such as: Lance Henriksen, Adrian Pasdar, Judge Reinhold, Paul Reiser etc, just to name a few.<br/><br/>Bigelow looks amazing(still does)one would have wished for sequel, prequel with her characters background story. But what about the music? Fairly entertaining 80's type synth pop…..nothing unusual, however the video(with all these cameos)makes up for the not so brilliant song.<br/><br/>Well worth look, and not only for Cameron fans.

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